BNB Core x8 - 12/10/2018

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Dear Friends,

bits and bytes is happy to announce Interlude Core x8 which will start on Friday @ 12/10/2018 21:00.

The decision of the creation of the new Interlude server was taken after a heavy load of requests that were received lately regarding a fresh interlude server, where BNB is fully experienced.

You will find server settings below


Αγαπητοί φίλοι,

Η Bits and Bytes ανακοινώνει τo Grand Opening του Interlude Core x8 server της, την Παρασκευή 12/10/2018 και ώρα 21:00.

Η απόφαση της δημιουργίας ενός Interlude server πάρθηκε ύστερα από το μεγάλο αριθμό αιτημάτων που λάβαμε το τελευταίο διάστημα σχετικά με έναν φρέσκο Server, chronicle στο οποίο η BNB έχει εμπειρία αρκετό καιρό.

Θα βρείτε τα server settings παρακάτω



Chronicle: Interlude Official Files


XP/SP: x8
Spoil chance: x3
Adena amount: x4
Seal stone amount: x3
Drop chance: x4
RB exp/sp: x4
RB Drop chance: x2
Epic drop chance: x1
Quest reward XP/SP: x4
Quest reward adena: x4
Quest item amount: x1

Server Features

3 Client limit per PC
Vote Reward system from the beggining
Antibot system & also antibot policy.
Castle NPC will be stronger
Clanhall prices will be increased and can be bought only from active clans (lev 5)
The cost of castle consumables is increased
Teleport cost from GKs is increased after 76
Augmentation cost increased
Prist of dawn/dusk prices for consumables increased
Price of registrations to castle attack - increased
exp on/off + other commands providing comfortable gaming
Olympiad Retail. Olympiad start later upon prior announcement.
Cursed Disabled.
Siege flags bloosted (hp/pdef/mdef)
Frintezza area will be pvp zone
If someone logout inside AQ Spawn zone and doesnt login within 10 minutes, he will be teleported out of town.
1st & 2nd class with adena or donation (100.000 adena, 500.000 adena respectively) + 3rd Class retail for some days
Teleport Rune <-> PI. 150.000 Cost
Max clans per alliance: 3
Clan level up Retail
Retail Subclass
Retail Nobless
Seven Signs & Sieges like retail
Newbie buffer, retail
Secure Anti-DDoS protection @ sites + servers

Modified Respawns for more pvp

Baium: 128 hours +- 60min
AntQueen: 32 hours +-60 min
Zaken: 56 hours +- 60 min
Antharas: 8 Days +- 60min
Valakas: 11 days +-60min
Frintezza: 56 hours +-60min
Cabrio/Hallate/Kernon/Golkonda/Barakiel/Shadith/Mos/Hekaton/Tayr/Ember/Behemoth/skylancer/meanas anor/ von hellman/ sobekk/ Priest Cloe:12 hours +- 60min (depending on server population, the time may be decreased)

Server Donations

Donation coins tradeable so users can buy them with adena from other users if they want
First class: 100k adena
Second class: 500k adena
3rd Class: retail on the beggining. it may changes with donation coins few days after
Hair Accessories
Premium Account (+40% XP/SP, +30% Adena)
Weight Limit
Potions (buffs)
Change email
Transfer Char
Unban account
rename char/clan/pet
restored deleted character
change sex
Change main class

Any setting may change until server launch. There will be notice

Thank you
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